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REFERENCES (Concrete Repair)
No Projects Contractor Material Quantity Year
1 Cryovac Production Area Cryovac (M) Sdn Bhd 2005
2 Hospital Besar Kuala Lumpur 2005
3 St Thomas Catholic Church Kuantan Ow Construction Sdn Bhd 2005
4 Kuantan Port Warisan Kerawang Enterprise 2005
5 Bandar Industrial Gebeng Kin Kee Properties S/B 2006
6 Semambu Apartment Pasdec Land S/B Crack Injection 2006
7 Kuantan Port Warisan Kerawang Enterprise 2006
8 Airport Kuala Terengganu Winlexis S/B Airport Apron Joint Sealant 2006
9 Cryovac Factory Cryovac S/B Concrete Repair 2007
10 Dioxode Telok Kalong Kemaman Permas Engineering 2007
11 Cryovac Gebeng Semambu Engineering 2007
12 UIA Kuantan VMT Technology 2007
13 Airport Kuala Terengganu Winlexis S/B Expension Joint - Cut & Sealant 2007
14 UBF Building Telok Kalong Y.K Mega Construction 2007
15 JKR Personnel Resident Cindai Ratna S/B 2008
16 Telok Kalong CMT (Penang) S/B Expension Joint 2008
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